The University of Georgia

  • GeaR
    The GeaR initiative develops the use of information technology in support of the research mission of UGA
  • Application Monitoring Page (AMP)
    AMP provides a simple means for users to see the current and past status of GeaR software systems.
  • Chematix
    Chematix is a suite of web-based modules supporting compliance, health and safety
  • eResearch-portal-IRB
    eResearch Portal for IRB is an electronic Human Subjects Proposal Submission and Review web application used by the IRB on the UGA campus
  • UGA CITI Records Portal
    The CITI Records Portal provides a record of completed training courses required for compliance by researchers and research staff
  • UMD
    UMD, the Unit Membership Database, provides membership management tools for registered UHD units
  • XPR
    XPR, the eXtended Property Record database, extends the capabilities of Property Control’s property database
    PAULA provides a normalized source of information (originating in authoritative sources) about Persons, Accounts, Units, Locations, and Affiliates
  • UHD
    UHD, the Unit Hierarchy Database, tracks UGA units and their relationships
  • Artemis
    Artemis is an electronic Animal Use Proposal Submission and Review web application used by the IACUC on the UGA campus
  • UGA CITI Login Portal
    UGA CITI Login Portal provides an easy way to login to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website
  • Pivot
    Pivot is a tool to assist researchers in finding funding opportunities targeted to their research interests

Georgia electronic administration of Research (GeaR) is an initiative focused on the use of information systems to support the “business of research” at UGA. This portal provides information about databases and applications that assist UGA faculty in their research activities. These include proposal preparation and submission, award management, research and safety compliance, unit membership, equipment management and core facility administration.

The GeaR Initiative operates under the leadership of the GeaR Council, which represents units of the Office of the Vice President for Research. Ex-Officio membership includes representatives of the  Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (including Accounting, Contracts & Grants and the Environmental Safety Division) and  Enterprise Information Technology Services. The Office of Research Information Systems provides operational support to GeaR applications.